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A luxury drink list designed specifically for your event


Discover a new way to give personality to your event with our Exclusive Catering Services.

The service consists in creating customized Cocktail Lists based on the theme of the Luxury Event as well as on specific requests.
Aimed and suitable for any occasion and event you wish to organise, to offer you the opportunity to boast a cocktail list studied in detail according to your requests, so you can have gourmet drinks with different textures, fine raw materials and high-end products.

Exclusive catering services, tailored to you

A unique day, anywhere you want.
Our team of experts will take care of you.
You dream of your exclusive event, we help you make it happen.

LANGUAGES: Italian, English

DURATION: The time you need

LOCATION: Anywhere you want it in the world

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Exclusive Catering services, define your style with us.
Just choose the theme and start dreaming.


An Exclusive Catering is an excellent opportunity to learn about, and taste cocktails designed uniquely for you. Mixing, brewing and tasting that delicious drink can make for a very, very special evening. Organize your event with BP Events and make the concept of the Mixology Party a resounding success, which you will never be able to give up!


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