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Project the customer into the center of your reality, letting them savor the taste in the mind first, and then on the palate, thanks to an innovative multisensory experience they will never forget, with Taste Reality.



Identify the product you want to promote


Together, we design and create an immersive video


Through a VR viewer you can offer your experience anywhere

VR Experiences

An innovative format that combines the visual stimuli provided by virtual reality with the consumption of a drink, enhancing the stimulation of the other senses.

Our drink list is combined with virtual reality videos that the user selects through a customized app in the VR viewer.

Ideal to be proposed during an event or in your restaurant for an entertaining moment and a unique consumption experience.

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Why choose VR with Taste Reality

VR Headsets attract audiences and generate curiosity; furthermore, they are effective in promoting brands even when it is difficult to move and take the viewer to the concerned location.

Virtual reality has no limits. You can choose to take the viewer to the places of origin of the raw materials to make them feel the scents and colors from which your product is born, to your production plant to show the transformation process, or in the place where you would like your product to be consumed.

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Multisensory journeys with Taste Reality

We design your immersive video to accompany the customer on a multisensory journey during their consumer experience. Virtual reality, combined with other sensory stimulations, is a powerful tool that amplifies the ability to arouse positive emotions and memories related to your product.

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Virtual reality is a modern and effective narrative and marketing tool.
The images projected in the headset involve the viewer and immerse them fully in the scene


Offers solutions for the world of bars and promotes the Drinking Culture. For more than 10 years it has been operating in the beverage sector with training, consultancy and events. In addition, it organizes bartending courses with an ISO9001 international certificate.


Agency that creates, produces and disseminates information and entertainment content in virtual reality with immersive 360-degree videos. Founded in 2018 with the aim of offering different points of view and telling stories in a new way.



We offer all kinds of events and experiences.
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