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The best Breakfast Experience in True Italian Style

Discover the magic of a typical Italian breakfast, based on espresso, cappuccino and traditional sweet food, in a secret bar with a unique atmosphere. You will learn about the raw materials, and how to work them.
The service consists in teaching you how to make an espresso coffee and a cappuccino using professional equipment, under the wise guidance of a professional bartender. You will have the opportunity to make a video, take photographs and receive an Italian gift dedicated to true coffee lovers.

The service is aimed at tourists, companies, groups of friends, couples and anyone who is willing to live the true Italian Breakfast Experience. The service was created to immerse you in the magical world of Italian excellence, with espresso and cappuccino. You will learn how to prepare these Italian specialties using professional equipment and with a professional bartender by your side. We will take you on this fantastic experience, and at the end of the course you will be capable of making delicious breakfasts for your guests.

Make your Cappuccino, your Espresso and your Moka Coffee in the real Italian style
The best Breakfast Experience in the town

LANGUAGES: Italian, English On request: Korean

DURATION: 2 hours from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 11am

LOCATION: BP private bar

PRICE: €69,00

Call Us (+39) 328 650 4088

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Prepare to live the real Breakfast Experience in the true Italian Style

Learn how to prepare your cappuccino, espresso and moka coffee in your own town.


Personal tutor
Discover all the secrets of the best artisanal coffee machines
Learn how to recognize the flavour of Arabica coffee
Savor a delicious handmade cappuccino
Drink an original espresso
Learn how to make a perfect moka coffee
Learn how to make your cappuccino
Take great pictures in an actual bar while preparing your cappuccino
Get a beautiful bag for real coffee lovers and a Latte Art pen


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